It has been two months and I have put over 150 miles on my Boosted Board. I was not sure how quickly I would adopt to riding the board, but I have used it to commute to and from the train almost daily since getting it. That is a little less than 2 miles each way. The board has delivered everything I was hoping for.

Someone’s first ride on the Boosted

First the quality of the ride and the remote connection has been perfect. The board has disconnected from the remote exactly once so far. It was right after I started it up, so I assume it probably never paired. It goes over bumps, cracks and obstacles very well. As my confidence has grown I find myself maxing out the speed more and more often. I graduated to Pro mode within about two weeks of first riding it.

The board has proven itself to be useful not only as a last mile commute option but real transportation. I have used it to go to run errands. I have used it to open up myself to taking the bus where it is hard to get close to my actual destination. I can use the board, with the extended range battery, to comfortably go around 10 miles.

The most interesting part is how much of a conversation starter the board is. At least twice a week I have had perfect strangers come up and ask me about it. Many have seen them around and are genuinely curious about the utility of the board. Almost all of them have been very friendly. I did have one woman come up to me and tell me that “those things should be banned from going 50 mph on the sidewalk and running everyone over.” I had to agree with her on that sentiment. But since the board doesn’t go anywhere near 50, nor could I imagine that, I decided she did not mean me.

At any rate, the quality has been excellent. After 150 miles the board still looks pretty much brand new. I have jumped off a few curbs so they are some scrapes on the skid plates. However, the board itself is perfectly fine, other than a little dirty. Overall, I totally recommend it as the last mile solution. Plus it adds a bit of fun to each end of my workday commute.